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Prior to my Real Estate career I spent many years in security while being a mother raising my 2 children, who now have 4 children of their own making me a Grandmother. My husband, Richard is very supportive of my Real Estate endeavors and is retired from the L.A.P.D.
People who know me will tell you that I am fun to be around, honest, hard working, and love opera.
Whether you are buying or selling give me a call. I would like to help.

Carole Swanston

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Our Mountain Communities

We live in one of the most diverse, beautiful and pleasant areas in the country. Our communities all share one common interest, keeping our national forest beautiful and our communities safe and enjoyable. Our climate, environment, flora and fauna are very similar to a lot of southwestern mountain areas with a number of our own unique varieties and climate.

General Information

Our communities host a number of annual events that have been popular with not only our residents but people from all over the country. We have the Lilac Festival, Wine in the Pines, Run to the Pines Car Show and a Fall Festival and/or Oktoberfest in Pine Mountain Club. A calendar of events for the Property Owners Association can be followed HERE.
Frazier Park has it's famous Fiesta Days in August each year along with it's own new Car Show and Fort Tejon Historical Society events.

Other great resources for community and national forest events and information include Pinon Pines Property Owners Association, Mountain Communities Chamber of Commerce, Los Padres National Forest and the Mountain Enterprise.

Population Estimates by Area
hese totals are taken from the Kern County website)

Pine Mountain Club:
1800 Full-time residents and 1500 part-time.
Frazier Park:
2100 Full-time residents and 1000 part-time.
Pinon Pines:
1000 Full-time residents and 300 part-time.
Cuddy Valley / Lockwood Valley:
2000 Full-time residents and 500 part-time.
Lake of the Woods:
850 Full-time residents and 400 part-time.
1850 Full-Time residents and 500 part-time.
Misc. Other Areas:
750 Full and part-time residents.
Call Carole Today! Totals: 10,350 Full-time and 4200 Part-time


We have a very definite four season mountain climate. Cool in the spring and fall, cold in the winter and warm in the summer. Our falls are glorious up here with all the foliage changing color, not from a lot of native plants but from a lot of the imported trees and shrubs such as maple, poplar, aspen, birch and other mid-west/east coast variety trees. We even have a few native species of mammals that change coat colors. One is a jack-rabbit that turns white in the winter and brown in the spring. Our bobcats or lynx can also change color somewhat in the winter and summer seasons. We are also fortunate to have an NOAA weather station in Pine Mountain Club as well as one in Sandberg. The Pine Mountain Station is online 365 days a year and can be found HERE.

Average Temperatures by Season

Season  High Low
Spring  65  34 
Summer  84  50 
Fall  72  35 
Winter  50 26 

Average Annual Snowfall: 5.10 feet
Average Annual Rainfall:
16.79 inches